Providing open-source and production-ready compilers for AVR MCUs

Distributing stable and up-to-date avr-gcc builds


I only provide 100% free and open-source compilers. Every plugin, every line of code and the compilers I use to compile the AVR compilers are totally FOSS. Source codes/compilation steps will be available at the ‘open source’ page.


I am not affiliated neither with Microchip nor with Atmel, so they cannot interfere with the decisions of the project, Also, I won’t ask you for registering before downloading any file.


Using a propietary and stinky compiler like XC8, because it is updated? Here, I provide the latest version of AVR compilers, such as avr-gcc. That means you can freely uninstall your XC8 compiler now!

Why choosing my builds?


I offer the compilers that generate the best code size binaries, so they can fit in almost every AVR device, no matter it’s flash size.


Forget about buying MPLAB® XC8! The builds I provide are designed to generate the fastest binaries with extremely fast fuctions.


I build many version of avr-gcc, which means that there will always be a build that adapts to your needs.


The ‘legacy’ branch of avr-gcc builds is specially designed for stability and production environments. Builds are based on GCC 8.x.

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